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Gloss: You dog cute I pet? Sometimes it is not necessary to sign ‘can’ as facial expression & body language will speak for itself.

I love pizza

Auslan AnywhereOlivia BeasleyI love pizza
@Oliviabeasley #auslan-anywhere #vic #Oliviabeasley
Gloss: I love.it pizza
Gloss: Movie favourite what
Gloss: Appointment time Use facial expression to express ‘what’ word

What sport do you play?

Auslan AnywhereOlivia BeasleyWhat sport do you play?
@Oliviabeasley #auslan-anywhere #vic #Oliviabeasley
Gloss: You play sport what

Can I come over?

Auslan AnywhereOlivia BeasleyCan I come over?
@Oliviabeasley #auslan-anywhere #vic #Oliviabeasley
Gloss: I come Use facial expression to express ‘can’
Gloss: Birthday present thank you Use facial expression to express your gratitude
Gloss: Dinosaur tarbosaurus past 70 million years ago before live yep Fingerspell the name of dinosaur. Use facial expression to express how long ago when signing past.
Gloss: Dinosaur tarbosaurus teeth sharp yes eat what meat The teeth sign is a describing, it’s not official auslan for teeth.
Gloss: No English equivalent This sign has no English equivalent - it’s Auslan for up to you (your choice)