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Gloss: This weekend my kids with me
Gloss: Government I vote which NATIONALS or LAB or LIB or Green or Family first or one NATION or other govt group which Upper case letter are fingerspelt words
Gloss: Dinosaur TARBOSAURUS they live 70 million years ago Upper letter case words are fingerspelt words. Face expression used at the end for long time ago to show a long long time ago
Gloss: Dinosaur TARBOSAURUS point sharp teeth pointy teeth sharp teeth eat eat meat describe that dinosaur what how face baring teeth sharp teeth with arms short claws legs long back tail Uppercase letter - fingerspelt words and describing TARBOSAURUS what it looks like with sharp teeth, short arm claws, long legs tail etc
Gloss: Dentist (point) before (point) turn left Pointing in space to show where dentist is and space before dentist.
Gloss: Wow you still here
Gloss: People panic want escape (point) country Afghanistan Show face expression for desperate
Gloss: ROCK music you need describe show playing guitar or head bang you music like you what yours? Capital letter mean finger spelling and need show rock music what it looks like visually
Gloss: Coffee I must can’t live without that I worship coffee Show face expression that you must have coffee also worship coffee

I need wine

Auslan AnywhereTrisha BalharrieI need wine
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Gloss: Wine drink I need