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how are you?

#v.alford #kalbarri #pelicanscafe #howareyou #auslan #wantlearnauslan #makeastrangersign
HOW ARE YOU? || We went to Pelican’s Cafe few days ago for Frappés + our server was super friendly, so we headed back there this afternoon to teach them Auslan but it was just closing up and we couldn’t see the server anywhere. This dude approached to us, as soon as we told him that we are Deaf, he was very visual and used gestures to tell us that they are closed. ☺️ Decided that I would teach him a sign, he wanted to know how to sign ‘How are you?’. 👍


#v.alford #auslan #wantlearnauslan #massage #kalbarri
MASSAGE || We were lucky to win a voucher few months ago, so Jason went to see Peta from Zanti Ayurveda in Kalbarri [she also has a clinic in Fremantle!]. She specialises in Ayurveda therapies. Jason has reported that it was amazing + definitely will go back again! Here is a video of Peta signing ‘Massage’ 💆‍♂️


#v.alford #kalbarri #pelican #auslan #wantlearnauslan #makeastrangersign
PELICAN || There is an awesome Pelican Feeding presentation in Kalbarri run by a group of volunteers every morning from 8:45-9:45am. Very interactive, kids got to feed the pelicans. [Good to know: they only feed 2KG of fishes every morning, regardless of how many pelicans - 5 or 20 pelicans, so they don’t rely on humans to feed them] After the presentation, I approached one of today’s volunteers, Joan and showed her how to sign Pelican! 🙊


#v.alford #kalbarri #auslan #wantlearnauslan #adventure #quadbike
ADVENTURE || What a wicked afternoon we had! We went on an adventure - riding quad bikes on the beach + sand dunes! We highly recommend @kalbarri_wagoe_beach_quad , they are very friendly + thoughtful, typed up notes of the instruction and all important things we had to know prior our arrival! Love it when people think of alternative ways to communicate with us independently. Taught the owner, Ashley how to sign ‘adventure’! 😜