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#v.alford #auslan #royalschickenandburgers #wantlearnauslan #tatertots #makeastrangersign
ROYAL || 👑 Went to RoyAl’s to grab some Tater Tots for dinner 😜 before our first night back at TAFE [only 6 more months to go!!] and the server was keen to communicate with me whilst I waited, so he googled up how to sign ‘how are you’ on the iPad register. Bless him!! 😍 Asked him to be my stranger for today + taught him how to sign ‘Royal’.


#v.alford #bunningswarehouse #wantlearnauslan #auslan #help #makeastrangersign
HELP || We had a BBQ event at Bunnings Bibra Lake to fundraise funds for Deaf Youth Australia. I met this young person, Luka whilst waiting for other staff. Explained to him about my project, asked what sign he wants to know. He took a moment to think and I could see that he truly thought about it deep + deeper, then he smiled and asked how to sign ‘Help’. I couldn’t help myself but to ask why he wanted to know that out of all other signs. He responded that he is a new staff and will need help from others! Awww, bless him. 🙌


#v.alford #sausage #wantlearnauslan #auslan #makeastrangersign
SAUSAGE || Went to Traditional Small Goods to organise sausage order for upcoming @deafyouthaus BBQ fundraising event. I tried my luck to ask the butcher sign sausage but he pointed straight to the office manager 🙊 All of sudden we have many shy people this week. 🤪


#v.alford #grilld #burger #auslan #wantlearnauslan #makeastrangersign
BURGER ||Had an impromptu dinner with my long time good friend, Marie. We haven’t dine out just two of us for AGES!! It was beautiful to spend time together and catch up with minimal interruptions 🙊Taught the waiter at @grilldburgers how to sign ‘Burger’ 🍔


#v.alford #bus #transperth #makeastrangersign #auslan #wantlearnauslan
BUS || 🚌 I excitedly hopped on the bus and asked driver if I could teach him to sign ‘Bus’, at first he frowned when I handed my phone with notes written about my project, but as he continues to read, he smiled and raised his eyebrows... then he shakes his head and gestured no no no.. [ too shy I think!] I was bit bummed as it was my first decline, but hey out of the last 21 days... not too bad eh! Anyway, asked the next passenger who got on the bus, she agreed to it straight away! YAY!!


#v.alford #scitech #science #auslan #wantlearnauslan #makeastrangersign
SCIENCE || I have been stuck at home all day today but my other better half + kids happily completed my challenge for today when they went to @scitechwa ! 😜 Loved hearing all their stories when they came home. I will have to visit Scitech ASAP, haven’t been there for yearssss!

how are you?

#v.alford #kalbarri #pelicanscafe #howareyou #auslan #wantlearnauslan #makeastrangersign
HOW ARE YOU? || We went to Pelican’s Cafe few days ago for Frappés + our server was super friendly, so we headed back there this afternoon to teach them Auslan but it was just closing up and we couldn’t see the server anywhere. This dude approached to us, as soon as we told him that we are Deaf, he was very visual and used gestures to tell us that they are closed. ☺️ Decided that I would teach him a sign, he wanted to know how to sign ‘How are you?’. 👍


#v.alford #auslan #wantlearnauslan #makeastrangersign #australia
AUSTRALIA || We went to Nature’s Window in Kalbarri this morning, there was NO ONE but my family and two girls. They immediately offered to take photos of us, which was super nice! We learnt that Laura and Kathi are travelling for few weeks together and they both are from Germany! ☺️ I thought it was very appropriate to teach them how to sign ‘Australia’ 🇦🇺 ❤️


#v.alford #kalbarri #pelican #auslan #wantlearnauslan #makeastrangersign
PELICAN || There is an awesome Pelican Feeding presentation in Kalbarri run by a group of volunteers every morning from 8:45-9:45am. Very interactive, kids got to feed the pelicans. [Good to know: they only feed 2KG of fishes every morning, regardless of how many pelicans - 5 or 20 pelicans, so they don’t rely on humans to feed them] After the presentation, I approached one of today’s volunteers, Joan and showed her how to sign Pelican! 🙊


#v.alford #auslan #wantlearnauslan #makeastrangersign #swim #vacswim #beach #austswim
SWIM || My eldest son participated in Vacswim swimming program run by the state govt during Oct + Jan school holidays! Brilliant program- cheap, informative + accessible! Interpreter provided, yes they go in the water as well!! I was fortunate to have the day off work so I could watch him swim + get his certificate. Afterwards, his swim instructor, Simon told me that his niece is doing Auslan course at TAFE at the moment! Of course I had to teach him how to sign ‘swim’ 😜 He loved it!! 👌🏼