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Gloss: Flood terrible NSW

There is a storm coming,

Auslan AnywhereShirleyThere is a storm coming,
@sshirleyyy #auslan-anywhere #nsw #sshirleyyy
Gloss: Come cloud storm Need to add ‘cloud’ as a good establishment and visual

How much do I owe you?

Auslan AnywhereShirleyHow much do I owe you?
@sshirleyyy #auslan-anywhere #nsw #sshirleyyy
Gloss: How much owe
Gloss: Pizza base want put pineapple
Gloss: Body sick green foods help gone disappear
Gloss: Which hard choice but you will figure out know which one
Gloss: Feel nervous okay what help you feel calm comfortable
Gloss: Stop kick house ball you can damage break not Need to add the facial expression - show stop and risk. Also good to say sign ‘not’ in the end of the sentence.

Can I get you a drink?

Auslan AnywhereShirleyCan I get you a drink?
@sshirleyyy #auslan-anywhere #nsw #sshirleyyy
Gloss: You drink want ‘Want’ can be used as facial expression - more eye brows up
Gloss: Busting me need toilet busting