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row boat fish

#v.alford #wantlearnauslan #signtoconnect #auslan #mothergoose #handshapes
Row Boat Fish || Something for families with little one/s at home during this strange time of our lives. Enjoy!

m a n g o 🥭

#v.alford #mango #auslan #wantlearnauslan #freshfruit
M A N G O 🥭 || Our lovely local fruit + veggies shop is simply the best... they always have amazing fruits + veggies on sale... like this one... only 50 cents each! 😍 Of course we didn’t just buy one! You won’t want to know how many we bought 😜 What is your fav fruit + why? ||

strawberry, apple + nut muffins

#v.alford #wantlearnauslan #whatkatieate #auslancookbookchallenge
Strawberry, Apple + Nut Muffins || This one is for you Adriano, thank you for the encouragement yesterday. ☺️ Swipe left to see the video of how to sign Strawberry, Apple + Nut Muffin! 🍓 🍎 🥜

pilot 👨‍✈️

#v.alford #qantas #pilot #flight #hometime #worktrip #wantlearnauslan
PILOT 👨‍✈️ || Whew! I actually had a 4:15pm flight, arrived airport 45 mins before as have already checked in, but then my phone got flat, so tried to print the ticket but wouldn’t work..then I discovered that my plane actually departs from international terminal, obviously this means I will miss my flight! I bawled out my eyes and they put me on the next flight that departs two hours later! Whilst waiting, I noticed two pilots having coffee together, I couldn’t resist but to teach them how to sign pilot! 😜 On side note, I’m so sorry that I have not posted anything in the past few weeks, have been taking some break to recharge myself! Now I am back! 🎉

wankbank masterclass

#v.alford #auslan #wantlearnauslan #wankbankmasterclass #comedy #hilarious
WANKBANK MASTERCLASS || When I first heard about this show, I thought that it would be hilarious but awkward to watch... I eventually decided to go with a friend and OH MY... it was totally hilarious [not awkward at all], my cheeks got really sore afterwards 😂 Adam [ @ruralranga ] performed really well + I enjoyed it even more because there was an Auslan interpreter provided! I highly recommend this show!! Thank you @fringeworldperth

mental health

#v.alford #auslan #wantlearnauslan #mentalhealth #areyouok #itsokaynottobeokay
Mental Health || Went to @therobotbunfactory for a coffee, and saw this staff wearing same lanyard as my work, so asked my work colleague who she was, found out that she works in the mental health field! 😊 approached her, taught how to sign ‘’mental health”, she was sooo thrilled + proud of herself! Awww! ❤️

apple laptop 💻

#v.alford #apple #macbookpro #applelaptop #wantlearnauslan #auslan
APPLE LAPTOP 💻 || This dude was brilliant, answered our questions, served us and learnt how to sign ‘Apple Laptop’ all in 20 minutes!! Fastest shopping experience at @apple ever! Yay!!


#v.alford #socialenterprise #madhubco #midland #auslan #milk #wantlearnauslan
MILK || Went to @madhub.co for a coffee with my dear @joefici this morning || this is a wonderful business model, social enterprise, supporting others to end poverty + disadvantages others may experience.


#v.alford #restaurant #auslan #wantlearnauslan #makestrangerssign #parentstobe
RESTAURANT || Asked this couple who had just parked up next to the TAFE, if they wanted to learn a sign! These parents-to-be explained that they are about to have their dinner date in the city before bub comes in 3 weeks. 😍 Good luck!


#v.alford #auslan #royalschickenandburgers #wantlearnauslan #tatertots #makeastrangersign
ROYAL || 👑 Went to RoyAl’s to grab some Tater Tots for dinner 😜 before our first night back at TAFE [only 6 more months to go!!] and the server was keen to communicate with me whilst I waited, so he googled up how to sign ‘how are you’ on the iPad register. Bless him!! 😍 Asked him to be my stranger for today + taught him how to sign ‘Royal’.