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Gloss: Today you learn what?
Gloss: Me improve signing Auslan
Gloss: You next meeting when?


Auslan AnywhereRena MuscatQuarantine
@RenaRose #auslan-anywhere #qld #RenaRose
Gloss: Quarantine x2 The hand above represents your house/hotel, the two fingers under representing you being under home
Gloss: Hey I ask question? Eye brow raise at the end to indicate you're asking
Gloss: RAT none run out Auslan grammar is flexible, can swap around
Gloss: Christmas good? Face expression to indicate it's a question

What's wrong?

Auslan AnywhereRena MuscatWhat's wrong?
@RenaRose #auslan-anywhere #qld #RenaRose
Gloss: What's wrong? Mouth the exact words. What is wrong