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whatever, any, anything, anyway, anywhere, any time, anyone, anybody

Auslan SignbankDictionary#2013 any1a
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As a Noun: 1. A thing, an event, or an idea which is not a particular one of its kind. English = anything. 2. A person who is not any particular person. English = anyone, anybody. 3. A place which is not any particular or exact place. English = anywhere. 4. A time which is not any particular or exact time. English = any time. 5. Anything or everything of a particular type. English = whatever. Interactive: 1. Used alone to mean you do not know the precise identity, name, meaning, or value of something. English = “Whatever”. 2. Used alone to say that something is the case in all possible circumstances. You think that this is very obvious and that the person you are talking to should have known this already. English = 'Whatever!', 'Absolutely!' 3. Used alone to mean that you completely agree with someone, more because you want to end the conversation than that you are convinced of the facts. English = 'Whatever!', 'Have it your way!' and so on. As Modifier: 1. Used to modify something to mean it is not a particular or special one of its kind. You use it immediately before a noun to mean one (or more) of that thing, but not necessarily a particular one or particular ones. English = any. 2. Used to change the topic of a conversation or to return to a previous topic. English = anyway, anyhow.