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As a Noun: 1. A place where something is blocking a pipe, tube, channel, road, or way; something that makes it difficult to go where you want to go or do what you want to do. English = blockage; obstacle. 2. Something such as a piece of equipment or a hole that is carefully positioned in order to catch animals or birds; a trick that is intended to catch or deceive someone. English = trap. 3. The condition where a device that normally has moving parts suddenly stops working and the parts do not move. English = seizure, stoppage. 4. The act of stopping or not allowing something to happen. English = prevention. As a Verb or Adjective: 1. To put something across a road, channel, pipe, or way so that nothing can get through or to stop; to not allow something happening. English = block, obstruct; prevent. 2. To catch an animal, bird or person using a trap. English = trap. 3. To be caught in an unpleasant situation, or to be unable to move; of an engine or a device that has moving parts, to stop normal functioning. English = (be) trapped, (be) stuck; seize up, (be) stuck. 4. To tie a piece of string or rope tightly round someone's hands; of hands, to be tied tightly together with string or rope. English = bind; (be) bound.