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bowl (dish), dish, pot, nest, basket

Auslan SignbankDictionary#3422 bowl1a
#auslan-signbank #iconicity.obscure #lexis.gensign #morph.orientating-sign #phonology.double-handed #phonology.symmetrical #semantic.utensil
General Definition: 1. An object, particularly a container, with shallow, curved sides and a wide, uncovered top, or any thing or any action directly or indirectly associated with this, such as a bowl, dish, pot or nest. As a Noun: 1. A circular container with a wide, uncovered top. It is used, for example, for serving food or for mixing ingredients when cooking. English = bowl, dish. 2. A deep round container used for cooking, especially one used for cooking stews and soups. English = pot. 3. A place that a bird makes to lay its eggs in, using things like twigs, leaves, moss, and mud. English = nest.