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difficulty, difficult, hard, arduous, strenuous, strict, harsh

Auslan SignbankDictionary#4297 difficult-hard
#auslan-signbank #iconicity.obscure #phonology.dominant-hand-only #phonology.two-handed #semantic.judge
As a Noun: 1. The degree or amount to which something requires effort to do. English = difficulty. As a Verb or Adjective: 1. To involve a lot of effort or energy and to be not easy to do, understand, or solve. English = (be) difficult, (be) hard. 2. To be tiring and involving a lot of effort. English = (be) arduous, (be) strenuous. 3. Of a person (especially one in authority), to not tolerate impolite or disobedient behaviour and to insist that others follow the rules without exception. English = (be) strict, (be) hard, (be) harsh.