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angel, saint, halo, angelic, saintly

Auslan SignbankDictionary#348 halo
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As a Noun: 1. One of a number of spiritual beings that some people believe are God's messengers and servants in heaven. English = angel. 2. A dead person who is officially recognised and honoured by the Christian church because his or her life was a perfect example of the way Christians should live. English = saint. 3. A circle of light that is drawn in pictures round the heads of saints or angels to show that they are holy. English = halo. As a Verb or Adjective: 1. Of a person, to be, or seem to be, very good, kind, and gentle, like an angel. English = (be) angelic. 2. Of a person, to behave in a very good or holy way, like a saint. English = (be) saintly. Interactive: 1. Often used alone with humorous irony in response to a claim that you have done something improper to mean the claim could possibly be true but that the offence was minor or done in fun. English = 'Who? Me?', 'Now, would I do such a thing?'