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individually, personally, singly, unaccompanied, alone, lone, single, loner, individualist, self, independent variable (mathematics).

Auslan SignbankDictionary#687 individually
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As a Verb or Adjective: 1. Of more than one thing or person, to be only one and not more of its kind; to be on its own and separate from other things. English = (be) single, (be) lone, (be) alone, (be) unaccompanied. 2. Of people in a group, to be not married. English = (be) single. As Modifier: 1. Used next to a verb sign to mean the action is done by each of several people on its own and separately from other actions. English = singly, only, alone, by itself. 2. Used next to a verb sign to mean the action is done by only one person separately from other people and without any help. English = by oneself, alone, individually. 3. In mathematics, used alone or next to the sign for VARIABLE to mean ‘independent variable’. An independent variable (often represented by x) varies in a way which does not depend on that of another variable. English = independent variable. Augmented Meaning: 1. As a two-handed sign, this sign usually refers to more than one person and can be moved around the signing space for third persons ('themselves').