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enlightenment, enlightened, enlighten, knowledgeable, learned (knowledgeable)

Auslan SignbankDictionary#15 knowledgeable1a
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As a Noun: 1. The act of enlightening or the state of being enlightened. English = enlightenment. As a Verb or Adjective: 1. To acquire more knowledge about something; to become better informed. Formal English = (be) enlightened. 2. To make someone more aware and informed. English = enlighten. 3. To know a lot about many different things, or a lot about a particular subject. English = (be) knowledgeable. 4. Used to describe someone who has gained a lot of knowledge by studying, and who is respected for this. English = (be) learned. 5. To increase your knowledge about a particular subject by doing a lot of study and learning.