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list, program, recipe, agenda, catalogue

Auslan SignbankDictionary#3229 list1a
#auslan-signbank #described #iconicity.obscure #morph.orientating-sign #phonology.dominant-hand-only #phonology.double-handed
General Definition: 1. A flat surface on which appears lines of text, usually related to the order, sequence or timing of actions or events, like a program or a recipe. As a Noun: 1. A set of things which are written down one below the other one. English = list. 2. A series of actions or events that are planned to be done, especially at a meeting. English = program, agenda. 3. A list of things such as the goods you can buy from a particular company, the objects in a museum, or the books in a library. English = catalogue. 4. Instructions for preparing any type of food. A recipe will have a list of ingredients, and describe the steps to prepare and combine them. English = recipe. 5. As a Verb or Adjective: 1. To go through a list of items one after another; to make a list; to list. 2. To go through or work through an agenda. 3. To make a list of a series of actions or events that are planned to be done. English = program.