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report, school report

Auslan SignbankDictionary#1605 report
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As a Noun: 1. A written, spoken, or signed account of an event or situation. English = report. 2. An official written account of how well or how badly a student has done at school during the term that has just finished. English = report, school report. As a Verb or Adjective: 1. To tell people about something that has happened, especially because it is your job or duty to do so. English = report. 2. Of someone, to tell a person in authority about something wrong that they have done. English = report. Note: 1. Some younger signers accept this as an everyday Auslan sign, but the majority of signers, especially older signers, think of this sign as an invented sign (for Signed English in education). They prefer to one of the other signs that match the key word ‘report’ that are also listed in here in Signbank.