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send, send out, send off, dismiss, force

Auslan SignbankDictionary#594 send-out
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As a Verb or Adjective: 1. To order someone to leave somewhere, especially to go out of a room; to eject someone from a room or building. 2. Of a player in a team, to be told to stop playing by the referee and to be told to leave the court or field. English = (be) sent off. 3. To send someone out to get something, to send someone on an errand, or to a job. 4. To give someone permission to leave, to let someone go. English = dismiss. Interactive: 1. Used alone to tell someone that they can go in the direction they want to go because you give them permission or it is the right time or it is safe to do so. English = 'Okay, you can go now.', 'Okay, off you go!' and so on. 2. Used alone to tell someone that they may now do something they want to do. English = 'Okay, go ahead!', 'Alright, you can do it now.', and so on. 3. Used alone to order someone to get out of a room or go away from you. English = 'Get out!', 'Get lost!' Augmented Meaning: 1. First you point to the person you mean then you move the point towards the direction in which you want them to go either towards oneself as in the English "Come here", "Come up here", "Come down here" or to some other place as in the English "Go there" which, using this sign, is more like saying in Auslan "(I) send you (out to) there".