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spanner, wrench, mechanic, plumber, electrician, fix

Auslan SignbankDictionary#1284 spanner1a
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As a Noun: 1. A metal tool with a specially shaped end that fits around a nut so that you can loose or tighten the nut. English = spanner, wrench. 2. Someone whose job is to repair and maintain machines and engines. English = mechanic. 3. A person whose job is to connect and repair things, such as water and drainage pipes, baths, and toilets. English = plumber. 4. A person whose job is to install and repair electrical equipment. English = electrician. As a Verb or Adjective: 1. To adjust something with a spanner or wrench. 2. To repair something mechanical (eg, an engine) or something connected to the water or electricity supply. English = fix.