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who, whom, whose

Auslan SignbankDictionary#1072 who.NTH
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As Modifier: 1. Used immediately after a noun and before a verb to make absolutely clear that the person or thing named in the noun is the actor of the action named in the verb. English = who. 2. Used immediately after a noun and before another noun followed by a verb to mean that the first noun has the action of the verb done to it by the second noun. English = whom. As Question: 1. Used at the beginning, end, or at both beginning and end, of a sentence to ask questions about someone's name or the identify of the person who performs the action of the verb in the sentence, or undergoes the action. English = who, whom. 2. Used immediately next to a noun to ask questions about the name or identity of the person that the thing belongs to or relates to. English = whose. Note: 1. Community feedback and evidence from the Auslan Corpus shows that this northern dialect sign for ‘whol’ is now quite rare. Most Auslan signers use the other sign listed in Auslan Signbank for the keyword ‘who’.