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withdrawal, retreat, retraction, step back, withdraw, retract, rescind, revoke

Auslan SignbankDictionary#2906 withdraw
#auslan-signbank #iconicity.obscure #morph.begin-directional-sign #phonology.double-handed #phonology.parallel #phonology.symmetrical
As a Noun: 1. The removal of something from one place to another; the removal of troops from the place where there is fighting. English = withdrawal, retreat. 2. The act of stopping participation in some activity. English = withdrawal. 3. The act of taking back what was given, especially a remark or a statement. English = withdrawal, retraction. As a Verb or Adjective: 1. To move or step back in the direction your back is facing because you are surprised, offended, or just want to avoid something. English = step back, (be) taken aback. 2. To take something out of one place and move it to another place; of soldiers, to leave the place where you are fighting. English = withdraw; retreat. 3. To decide you will no longer take part in some activity, especially a committee. English = withdraw. 4. To take back what was given, especially a remark or a statement, by saying that you wish to change or deny it. English = withdraw, retract, rescind, revoke.